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Lonely Child Ghost Calls Out For Help

Poor thing...

EVP or electronic voice phenomena are time-tested ways to communicate with otherworldly presences around us, though understanding how to parse their transmissions takes time and technology, such as the spirit boxes this gentleman uses. A spirit box is a modified radio which quickly scans through AM channels, creating a white noise effect that ghosts can supposedly manipulate in order to send their own messages or warnings to the living who are listening in.

This man has been running his spirit box in his house, and picking up some pretty fascinating sounds.


In the video, which is one of many on the gentleman’s TikTok channel, he captures a crying spirit. This child (or possibly a woman) seems to be wailing in deep despair. “No friends!” she cries, as well as some other words that he cannot make out.

I can’t either, but he asks for assistance in the comments section to decipher what she might be saying, as well as if there are any other voices. (He thinks he might hear a man at the end.)

“‘No friends, no people, theres no friends…’” suggests one viewer. “Sounds like a child spirit crying in despair. So sad. Please get help to free that spirit.”

Another thinks it is a cry of warning: “I hear ‘run run run.’”

The man has identified several of the spirits haunting his home, including a “naughty” adult male spirit. But loneliness can follow one even into the afterlife, especially if you are a woman or child who doesn’t think of that other entity as good companion material.