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How to "Lock" Your Mirrors and Protect them From Evil Spirits

Mirrors can be haunted. Protect them!

Some people in the magical or spiritual community believe that all mirrors are “haunted”, that they are portals into another realm, and , if not carefully guarded and watched over, are subject to becoming a window into our world to whatever spirit, good or evil, manages to take charge of the space.

It is for this reason that several spiritual traditions, particularly those arising in Mesoamerica, recommend “locking” your mirrors to protect yourself from bad energies. And this is how you do it.


First, you set the mirror down flat on the floor. Use some Castile soap (Dr. Bronner’s) and wash all the way around the mirror. Then put a bit of olive oil on a cloth, crush a spring of rosemary in the same cloth and run it all over the perimeter of the mirror. Next, do the same thing with Florida water (this is not water from Florida, but rather a type of cologne very popular in the spiritual community). And then, as a final step, spit on the mirror and say three times: “This mirror is locked from energies and entities.”

The tl;dr of this particular rituals quoted by the creator of the video in comments, is as follows: “Castile soap to cleanse the entire mirror. Olive oil and rosemary to seal & protect. Florida water to finish it all off. Sealed & protected.”

Some say that only mirrors withal silver backing need to undergo this process to keep them safe, which these days only applies to real antique or very high end mirrors. The one you picked up from IKEA is probably fine.

Then again, ou never know, do you?