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Man Claims Woman Snatched One of His Locs for a Bracelet and Spiritual TikTok Is Not Ok

Get. That. Hair. Back.

Fully grown, functioning adults shouldn’t have to be told not to rip out somebody’s hair and make a bracelet out of it, but here we are! A man claims that is exactly what was done to him and now he has to see this woman at the gym, wearing his hair. As a bracelet. He zooms in on a shot of her reading her phone, loc of hair around her wrist as if it were a hair-tie.  

Spiritual TikTok is absolutely losing their collective minds at the audacity of such a move and has lots of advice for this unfortunate man with lovely hair. First and foremost, that he needs to grab that back immediately and burn it

Love-binding spells are notorious for going wrong, which is why it’s often advised to just not go there. If one is going to anyway, it’s recommended to put a specific tine limit on it so that it won’t forever cause complications in your future. 

Many religious practices have a belief that hair is connected to whomever grew it and as such having one’s hair could allow others to work harmful magic on them. This is most often associated with voodoo or hoodoo rituals, but is also found in European witchcraft and possibly some Romani beliefs. Many old folktales have been passed down from grandparents warning to burn, bury, or otherwise properly dispose of hair trimmings, lest someone work harm against you. 

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