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This Man Lives in an Abandoned Ghost Town

It seems peaceful...during the day.

I don’t even like to be in my house alone, so I don’t necessarily see the appeal of having a whole town to yourself. Especially if the town in question is abandoned, remote, and falling to pieces. Then again, with house prices skyrocketing, perhaps one’s only choice is real estate that most living people avoid.

Such is the case with the man in this video, who spent his life savings on his own personal ghost town and has been documenting the things he finds there. 


Brent Underwood purchased the abandoned silver and lead mining town of Cerro Gordo in 2020 and has been exploring it ever since. There are over thirty miles of mines tunnels under the town, including one in which a collapse trapped dozens of miners. Their bodies remain in the mines even today.

Underwood spends his days exploring, making repairs to the buildings, documenting the things he finds, and making TikTok videos, such as the one where he spent a night alone in a mine, and others in which he films the celebrities who come to take tours.

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As to whether or not the place is haunted, Underwood is a bit more cagey. He claims he has seen lights go off and on on their own, and had things mysteriously fall off shelves, but then again, the ground is a bit unstable with all those mines, and the buildings are sometimes in wretched shape. He eventually plans to open the place up for tours and overnights, though, so perhaps, when it’s all finished, you can visit this ghost town for yourself. 

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