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Family’s “Live” Photo Captures Something Super Creepy

That doesn’t look like your average shadow to me…

The “live” feature on many people’s camera phones are capable of making every snapshot into its own gif. Like the magically moving photos of the Harry Potter films, this feature is meant to provide a little context around the moment you are trying to capture. What it is not supposed to do is scare the daylights out of you.

But that is precisely what happened to this family, who found something quite unexpected scurrying around in the background of their recent live photo.


In this video, a woman is showing how when a recent family photo around a campfire is switched to “live” mode, you can see a strange, shadow creature moving around in the background.

Though some who have viewed this image claim it’s a dog, the hunched, scurrying creature does not look like man’s best friend. More shadow than shape, and almost humanoid, it skulks around the very edge of the photograph, as if scared by the flash of light.

Obviously, because this is TikTok, most commenters are immediately certain that it’s a skinwalker, a fearsome creature out of Native American legend who can change shape, mimic the voices of your loved ones, and other horrors.

Others are baffled not so much by the strange image in the photo, but rather the nails on the person taking the video, which seem to be fake, and start somewhere on the end of the nail tip rather than the base of the bed.

Was there a creature stalking this family? What happened to them after this picture was taken? How is that nail remaining attached? So many questions raised by this video, and so few answers.