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Security Camera Shows Little Girl Absolutely Terrified By Toy Moving Itself Across the Floor

We can’t blame her for her reaction!

There are some parents who won’t leave their little ones alone for even a second. Not to make dinner or was he dishes or even go to the bathroom. And after watching this video and seeing what happens when this poor little girl encounters a ghost, I’m starting to wonder if they have a point.


In this video, a little girl is relaxing on the living room couch and watching television when she notices her bouncy toy sliding across the floor all by itself. Curious, she gets up to check it out, and you can even hear her ask, “Can I help you?” in a tentative voice. But when the toy jerks itself across the floor again, she screams and runs off!

Viewers on TikTok were divided as to the veracity of this video, with some claiming that it was simply being jerked across the room on a string, and even arguing that the final shot of the girl’s sister coming into frame then looking at the bottom of the screen is proof that there is someone just off screen manipulating the doll. Others pointed out that the younger child was probably just glancing at the television her sister had been watching earlier.

And what of the red blanket in the top right corner of the screen. Is the blurry flash of movement seen at the end of the video evidence that someone is hiding under the covers and pulling the strings, or is it a brief glimpse at the ghost fleeing the scene after frightening this poor child?

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One thing is certain: she needed an adult there to give a stern talking-to to whoever it was who thought scaring a child was a good idea—whether that person was dead or alive.

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