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What it Means if You Have a "Lilith Cross" on Your Palm

This tiny mark may hold huge significance.
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Palmistry is an ancient spiritual art that has its roots in China and India, though many cultures around the globe practice their own form of palm-reading. According to palm readers, the lines and marks on your hands and fingers foretell you personality traits and even your destiny.

This palm reader has an intriguing story to tell about a particular mark that is not often talked about: the so-called “Lilith Cross.”

The Lilith Cross, according to this chiromancer, is an X that appears at the base of your palm, in the center. It signifies crises and dark spiritual energy.

“People marked by Lilith are dark and witchy,” the woman warns in the video, and even goes further, claiming that “You can communicate with demons and spirits.”

She also says that those with a Lilith Cross are not “meant for normal relationships,” which truly seems like a curse.

But, there’s an upside. Those with this marker said to be “unique, extraordinary, and mysterious souls.” Must be all that communication with demons and spirits, rather than ordinary friends.

I kid, I kid. Just because I think palmistry is bunk, there are millions of others who take it seriously. But that can be a problem if folks think a couple wrinkles on your palm mean you cavort with demons. During the time of the witch trials, people would be punished for having moles. Let’s be careful of how seriously we take this stuff.

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