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New Country Transplant Swears She Sees Strange Lights in the Woods at Night

But there's no one around for miles.
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A will o’the wisp is a creature out of British folklore or legend, a ghostly specter or light that can appear in bogs or swamps. Some believe they are the lanterns of fairies, or ghosts. There are many scientific explanations for these encounters, including release of phosphorescent gas, and the phenomenon has many names in cultures across the globe. Sometimes the light appears like an actual candle or lantern flame, and sometimes it is more like a ghostly smoke.

This woman thinks she’s seeing strange lights in the forest of her new country home, but swears she has no neighbors. Is she seeing the legendary will o’the wisp, or are there aliens making their secret homes in her woods? Let’s investigate.

The video shows a wooded country road with bright lights illuminating the darkness. In the distance, you can see tiny pinpricks of lights. What are they?

In the comments, experienced country folk laugh. What she’s seeing, they insist, is nothing more than the eyeshade of a herd of deer. In the darkness of truly rural area, they truly can look like lights in the darkness.

Others claim that they must be poachers lurking in the woods at night, perhaps going after what is surely great masses of the deer.

Still others claim that it is in fact the famous will o’the wisp, or “marsh gas.”

What do you think?

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