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Strange Pillars of Light Seen Beaming Down From Washington State Sky

It's time for roulette of natural, man-made, or otherworldly phenomenon

A woman looked out her window on Christmas Eve and was baffled to see strange pillars of light shooting up into the sky, so she reached out to the internet for answers. She asks if it’s aliens or the end of the world. The pillars appear like white beams reaching up from the ground into the sky and pepper the skyline with at least a dozen of these majestic displays of light.  

We’d all be pleased if this were, in fact aliens, but there are several other potential explanations of this world. Washington State is north enough to sometimes experience the wonder of the aurora borealis natural light display. These lights can often interact with atmospheric ice crystals and cause colored light pillars to appear to connect the sky and the earth. 

These light pillars can also be caused by man-made sources of illumination which is more consistent with the plain white beams this woman saw over the holiday. These can be caused by simple outdoor lighting when ground conditions are cold enough to suspend ice particles in the air to create the illusion.

We have to give credit to the funniest answer, which one commenter left saying “the sky has astigmatism”. If you experience this phenomenon when there are no ice crystals in the air, it might be time for a visit to your eye doctor!

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