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This Lemon Spell Is Said to Separate Two People

If the cord-cutting didn't work, try this.

Ever have that negative presence in your life you just can’t seem to shake? This witch shares a separation spell to help you finally part ways. She takes a whole lemon and cuts it crosswise, dividing it into four equal pieces. Using black ink, write the first and last name of each person on a different piece of paper. Fold the papers and place them crosswise in the sliced lemon so the form a “+”.  

Place the lemon with the papers in it into a jar and then sprinkle freshly ground black pepper over it. Follow with a pinch of salt and then pour a generous tip of apple cider vinegar over the whole thing. Tuck the jar somewhere dark and out of the way and leave it until it rots.

Lemons are believed to have powerful properties of moon magic, protection, and friendship. Leaving it to rot symbolizes the breaking down of those bonds protecting the friendship, allowing it to disperse and finally separate from each other.  

If you want to go for the double-whammy, combine this practice with a breakup house cleansing to smudge away any negative energies this person may have left around your personal space. Moving on can be hard, but the ritualistic spiritual cleansing can help one create space for new people with positive energies to enter your life. 

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