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Woman Thinks She Experienced a Glitch in the Matrix and Security Cameras Captured It

What happened here?

The 1999 film The Matrix is memorable for many reasons, not least of which was the introduction of the term “a glitch in the Matrix.” In the movie, a glitch in the Matrix occurs when the evil programmers controlling the simulation which has entrapped humanity makes a change. The ensuing mistake, which often appears as a break in the laws of time and space, are indications to those trapped inside that they are, indeed, living in a simulation. Now, more than two decades on, people use the term “glitch in the Matrix” or “glitch in the system” to indicate instances in which they, too, have noticed a break in the laws of physics that make it seem like reality is a little less than real.

In this video, a kitchen worker cuts up a lemon only to discover that it just won’t stay sliced. 


“You can see me cut it!” insists the woman, showing viewers what appears to be security camera footage of an industrial kitchen. And she’s right. In the video she cuts a lemon in half and then cuts one half again. But when she goes to put the two quarters she’d just created into the bag, the lemon isn’t cut at all. “Someone explain this to me,” she begs.

But no one can. Many agree with her that this is clear-cut evidence of a glitch. Others try to argue that she didn’t cut “all the way through the lemon” or that the entire video is a trick. But the woman is not a professional trick video maker, or even a paranormal TikTok influencer. She just wants answers about this lemon.

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In a later video comment section, she claims she ate the mysterious lemon and is “now immortal.” Girl, we’d do the same.

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