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The Legend of the Romanian Black Ambulance Will Haunt Your Nightmares

If you see one, you should run.

Urban legends of Romania say that if you see a black ambulance, you should run away as fast as you can because it’s coming to abduct you, no matter your age. It is said they drive the streets looking for victims so they can use their internal organs and blood for satanic rituals. He claims that this information is being suppressed in a massive coverup conspiracy by every single website on Google and that all the information relating to these stories has been removed.  

He admits these black ambulances are rumored to be a private healthcare company’s transportation, but he discounts this as there are rumors of bodies that are found missing organs and with needle punctures as if their blood had been taken too, which he believes are linked to these dark death-mobiles.

This old Romanian legend dates back to the communist era but has been strangely resurrected by Romanian tabloid media which has led to some horrifying mob mentality and crowd attacks on perfectly innocent people. One such incident occurred when a writer who had hoped to cut costs of her book tour converted an old ambulance into a traveling office and library to encourage kids to read. Despite being clearly labeled as such and painted in white and blue colors, a mob attacked her in Bucharest, surrounding her DIY camper and trapping her inside. 

The mob was able to break into the vehicle before police arrived and violently attacked her, even putting a cigarette out on her face. They refused to believe the proof inside showing it was exactly as advertised and acted as if the books contained within were voodoo dolls or some other dark magic. 

The claims that information regarding these black ambulances is being suppressed is easily proven wrong by a quick Google search which returns no shortage of articles on the subject. 

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