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What Mysteriously Crashed on Lazy Mountain in Alaska This Spring?

That's not a normal cloud.

Residents in Palmer, Alaska were baffled a few months ago by a strange cloud formation they saw in the morning sky over Lazy Mountain. A long, vertical column of smoke hovered in the air over the mountain. According to witnesses, the way the cloud looked like it was forming and moving made them believe they were witnessing an aircraft crash.


The strange atmospheric formation was seen by many eyewitnesses, who alternately theorized that they were viewing a volcanic eruption, a meteor, a UFO, and even a military operation. Though initially there was no report of any airplane in that flightpath in distress, the sheer number of concerned citizens looking for answers, online and in phone calls to local authorities, that eventually the news stations picked up the story. Authorities sent a helicopter over the area to search for any signs of a crash but found nothing. Air traffic control did report a plane in that flight path around the same time, but it had experienced no trouble during the flight.

Eventually, the authorities and media landed on an explanation for the unusual sight: a perfectly ordinary contrail from that scheduled jet, larger than usual in the high condensation of the morning air, and lit up brilliantly by the rising sun. It is not unusual exhaust from jets and rockets to make strange, brilliant shapes in the morning sky.

Many witnesses, however, remain unconvinced, and are certain that they were seeing a crashing UFO, due to odd angle of the column over the mountain that makes it look like it’s crashing instead of flying, and the bright summer at the tip of the smoke column, which many claim does not resemble a plane. 

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