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Lauren Gordon


Trending News Editor, Exemplore

Lauren Gordon is writer and editor with proficient experience in curating and creating various lifestyle content for a multitude of brands. She is most knowledgeable in the areas of parenting, beauty, food, ecommerce, home and gardening, and the paranormal.


  • As a child, Lauren was always raised to be a believer. Not in the typical sense of merely believing in a designated religion, but to believe that there are possibilities of supernatural and paranormal activities everywhere. 
  • As a result, she became an avid fantasy reader and writer, who has spent hours learning historical folklore alongside modern lore.
  • In her career, she’s written several articles on the paranormal, investigating everything from ghost stories to rumors of the fae.
  • While she hasn’t completely converted, Lauren dabbles in paganism and witchcraft and is currently studying how to read Tarot cards. 


Temple University, 2006-2010
Communications and Journalism, BA

Attended summer communications program abroad in Dublin, Ireland where we focused on integrating into Irish society and were responsible for keeping a running blog of the different social experiences we encountered.

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