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People Think This Large Petrified, Crocodile Is Proof Giants Once Existed

Seems like a leap but one could see where they’re coming from…

Crocodile or rockodile? This confusing footage has the internet debating whether this is a giant petrified crocodile, a rock formation perhaps with intentional added carving, or an actual croc but with unclear perspective. The camera starts with what is clearly a sharp-toothed head shape that looks like a stone carving but as the camera pans back to the reveal the body it becomes more difficult to be certain it’s not a real crocodile. On the second camera pan it becomes more noticeable that this could be two very different sizes depending on the perspective, either a regular size crocodile waiting in ambush or a huge cliff wall that would dwarf a normal size croc. 

This bizarre mystery has been circulating various social media outlets for a year but no answers have been discovered. Reddit has several threads circulating in attempt to locate the rock formation but nobody has surfaced with stories of seeing anything like it other than real crocs which they are quick to caution you should not dismiss as rocks, and proceed to describe running from a very real crocodile that had been using its natural camouflage effectively.

Modern day crocs can reach up to twenty feet in length and fossils of their ancient dinosaur ancestors have measured twice that, but without knowing how far away the camera was from the source and the size of something in the picture it’s impossible to gauge how big it is. There are many who even believe small, secret populations of dinosaurs may have survived extinction, such as the pterodactyl-like ropen and the sauropod-like mokele mbembe

Croc or rock, we can at least say there is a clear and undeniable resemblance in this claim, unlike a recent claim that ancient Egypt was actually in Arizona which does not make more sense when we explain it. While there is no monetary reward of legal tender, Reddit users are sure to award many karma points to anybody who can uncover the location of a rock formation matching this one. 

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