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Woman Claims Landlord's Dead Abuela Would Visit At Night

If you're going to have a ghost, this is the one to have...

Some people find ghosts unnerving, unsettling, or terrifying. The internet abounds with scared and desperate people claiming they have been driven from their homes by vengeful, disturbing spirits, incapable of letting them rest their heads at night. Ghosts who leave the water on, or scratch long, red marks down their children’s skin, who flick the lights on and off or just plain old go bump in the night.

I for one would prefer a kinder, gentler haunting. If I had to deal with a ghost in my life, I would hope that it would make itself useful, or at least kind. As long as you’r sharing my home, you might as well make yourself a good roommate. Luckily, that’s what this woman encountered in her apartment.

In the video, this woman explains that she woke up one night to see an old woman standing near her in bed. Most of us would be started by that scenario, but she says she felt no fear, not even when the woman sat beside her and began to stroke her hair, telling her it was beautiful.

In the morning, she figured it was a dream, until she spoke to her landlord, who insisted that she’d been visited by the landlord’s grandmother. The landlord described the old woman to a T.

“You’d think she could have told me about her beforehand,” the woman points out.

But sometimes people who own haunted places don’t want to mention it, because so few people end up seeing the spirits. I once stayed in a haunted castle and it was only after one of us reported a ghost that the woman who owned the castle admitted that yes, that one room is super haunted.

What do you think? Should owners of haunted houses disclose before the spirits start showing up in the middle of the night?

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