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Reportedly 5 Bodies We Found Since May Near Lake Mead In Nevada, and Apparently It’s Also Very Haunted

Not sure I’d personally investigate around there...

Record low water levels in Lake Mead are revealing human remains all over this popular Nevada tourist destination. Five bodies have been found recently between May and September of 2022, one of which was stuffed in a barrel reminding many of a plot line from the popular television show Dexter. A new Youtube documentary from The Paranormal Files delves into the history of the hundreds of bodies found there over the years and seeks to find proof that the spirits of some of these victims have lingered on as ghosts.  

Many believe the large number of remains found in the lake can be traced to Las Vegas mob activity controlled by Chicago gangsters in the 70s and 80s. Violent and unsolved murders such as those carried out by criminal mafia organizations are often believed to be more likely to result in spirits lingering on earth as ghosts to resolve the mystery of their own murders. Will these paranormal investigators find proof positive of ghost activity? 

Authorities expect to find more remains if the water levels continue to dwindle and they urge people to avoid any active investigation sites so as not to disturb evidence. If tourists find new evidence they are advised to not touch it and to report it to officials immediately. 

The full documentary Lake Mead: The Haunted Nevada Killing Fields (A Real Life Nightmare) is available for free on YouTube.  

Exemplore originally reported that Lake Mead was in Michigan. The error has since been corrected.

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