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Fisherman Catches Strange Jelly Creature in Lake

The outside looks like a rock but the inside is like clear jello.

A fisherman turns to social media to ask about this strange gelatinous blob caught in his net. It looks like a large round river rock worn into a smooth circular shape by the water but when he taps it with his knife he discovers it has a strange give to it. He then uses the tip of the knife to cut a bit of it apart to reveal a clear jello-like substance within. Closer examination reveals tiny little black dots within the gel that the man says look like possible eggs. He picks up a piece of the strange lake jello with his bare hands for a close up view. The black dots appear to be coming from the surface while the insides are just this strangely clear gelatin.  

Is this strange gelatinous mass proof of alien life? An aquatic cryptid? Star-jelly that landed in a lake? Commenters identified this bizarre waterborne mass as a colony of small invertebrates called bryozoans. Specifically, it seems likely this is Pectinatella magnifica, also known as the magnificent bryozoan for the large round gelatinous colony formations that can grow up to two feet in diameter. It is most commonly found in North America but has also been found occasionally in Europe. 

This earth creature is no less bizarre for its known biology, as those little black “eggs” the fisherman noted are actually statoblasts, a sort of asexual “egg” that is unique to bryozoans. The zooids that hatch from these protective casings sprout clones of themselves that are then able to move across the surface of the gelatinous colony by using ciliated tentacles they beat in coordination.

Sometimes known natural phenomena are just as strange and mysterious as tales of monsters and cryptids!

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