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Man Films Strange Knocking In His Stairwell When No One Is Home

He believes he's haunted...

Spend any time on ghostly TikTok, and you can start to wonder if you’re the only person who isn’t constantly training security cameras at every single corner of your home in hopes of catching a wayward spirit. It seems like ever since the movie Paranormal Activity came out in 2007, the only kind of ghost evidence is the kind people catch on camera.

This person left a camera running for weeks on end on a stairwell where they’d heard some unearthly noises. After twenty-four days of surveillance, they finally managed to capture some sounds.


In the video, the caption reads that after noticing some strange happenings in the stairwell, they set up a camera. Nearly a month later, while no one was home, something started knocking and clanking on the stairs, as if an object was being pulled down the steps.

Then, it appears that the entity, whatever it is, reaches the front door, and opens it!

The shocking footage is deemed “really scary” in the captions, and people watching said they kept waiting for a jump scare that (spoiler) never comes.

Some people watching this video said they saw an orb, or a ghostly spirit at the top of the stairs. But it that was the case, who was opening the door?

It’s easy, when you are watching videos such as these on your computer or phone to play couch analytics and call these things fake or say at least the ghost only show up once a month, but what would you do in the moment, if this was your home, and your front door, that kept opening all by itself?