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Grainy Security Camera Catches Man Holding Door Closed After Investigating Mysterious Knocking

Whatever he saw, he wants it to stay in the basement.
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Whenever one watches horror movies, part of the fun is getting to shout at the screen at the characters doing stupid things that are bound to see them chainsaw massacred, eviscerated by multi-dimension demons, sewn up inside the carcass of a bear, or otherwise tortured and killed in short order.

And thus it is also with the occasional spooky TikTok video, such as this one, where a security guard investigating a strange knocking sound inside a house gets far more than he bargained for.


In the video, a man eases across a dark living room, holding up a flashlight and a camera (one wonders what happened to the video he was taking?). A loud knock is coming from a nearby door. He opened the door and steps inside. A low, eerie whisper seems to fill the air, saying “Hiiiiii.” 

Moments later, the man begins to scream, bursts out of the door, curses a few times, then slams the door shut and holds it closed. Much luck if this entity is already in the room with us, whispering.

Serious question: are security guards not allowed to turn on lights while they patrol? Especially for this man, who seems to be on the grounds of a private home and not some corporate skyscraper, one wonders why it is that he’s wandering around in the dark with a flashlight and a phone, and not, say, simply flipping on the lights?

Viewers of this video have similar questions. They also point out that it’s odd that the video shuts off where it does. What happened to this man? Is he still in this pitch dark hall, holding the door?