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Family Has Proof They Are Living With a Knife-Wielding Ghost

The knife appears to leap out of the knife block.

Nobody expects their midnight snack to end with ghosts throwing knives but this man caught it on camera anyway. He pulled out his camera to show a knife that he said fell out of the block and he shows a steak knife resting blade up in a soup bowl. While he is mid-sentence in explanation another steak knife flies out of the block, flips through the air, and lands point down - sticking straight up out of the floor.  

He stares in astonishment, looking back and forth between the knife block and the blade embedded in the floor. He then admonishes his ghostly friend that it needs to be careful or it’s going to cut itself. Nothing else happens with the knife so he picks it up and places it back in the wooden storage block. He even lifts up the block to show all around it to prove it’s just a totally normal, regular wooden block for knives. 

Is this man a master of video editing or the unwilling roommate of an invisible spirit? When unexplainable ghostly phenomena routinely happen around one’s home the next step in investigation is to try and find a history record of who lived there that might have continued residence from beyond the grave and why

Despite the knife-throwing incident, this man seems to have a friendly rapport with his unseen visitor and may wish to help it resolve whatever is keeping it bound to this earthly domain. 

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