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Carnivorous Plants Are the Witchy Solution to Pest Control

Start growing this plant now to keep gnats away in spring.

What witch’s garden is complete without at least one carnivorous plant? It might be cold and snowy outside now, but the days are lengthening and soon the search engines will resume answering the age old question “How do I get rid of fruit flies naturally?” Save that apple cider vinegar for your salad and instead add a unique and amazing plant to your indoor potted plants - the carnivorous sundew.  

These beautiful and colorful alien-like plants are from the genus Drosera, which are covered with small stalks that release a drop of sticky, sweet smelling mucus that lures, captures, and then digests any insects that try to dine on its trap. These clear droplets resemble dew, giving the plant its common name of sundew, and are particularly effective at keeping gnats and fruit flies at bay. They are capable of trapping and consuming larger flies and insects, as well. If you’re lucky, perhaps you will even capture a fairy such as was recently found in a spiderweb.  

These fascinating plants are not the easiest to maintain, however they do spread very easily so when your natural pest control solution is the envy of all your friends it is very easy to share cuttings for them to add to their own garden collection. They have specific soil requirements and require distilled water but are a good beginner carnivorous plant for witches looking to kick up their garden a notch.  

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