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Woman Says KISS-Obsessed Parents Already Bought Their Own Unique Caskets

It’s weird casually staring at them when she pops down into the basement.
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I’m all for people choosing their own methods of burial and memorialization. As long as it’s not a public nuisance, is not impinging on other peoples’s rights, and is safe and hygienic, why shouldn’t people pick the kind of gravestones, caskets, and even burial methods that make the most sense to them? Sometimes, when I visit graveyards, I’m amazed by the kind of creativity I see taken with people’s headstones and other memorial efforts. There are gravestones deigned to look like game boards, like the person’s favorite dogs, and even like the dollhouse that the child buried there liked to play with.

This couple has even chosen special, personalized caskets, and you won’t believe what they look like!

In this video, a young woman shows off her parents caskets, and they truly are a sight to behold. Each one is lavishly decorated in honor of their favorite band, KISS, the painted, hard rock icons of the 1970s. Fronted by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, KISS has been performing regularly since 1973, and has amassed legions of fans all around the globe.

Including, apparently, this lady’s parents. They’d have to be pretty big fans to invest in KISS-themed coffins.

But, like I said, I think people should be free to choose their own final resting place, and if that’s what makes these rock and rollers happy, who are we to judge their choice?

It’s just awkward when you have to move your momma’s casket to pull out the Christmas decorations.

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