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Woman Claims Mother Was Almost Kidnapped by Mermaids 3 Times

She will no longer swim in open water.

Mermaid stories exist in many cultures, but perhaps the most vivid and powerful of these are not the Western European stories founds in Disney cartoons, but rather the powerful water spirits of Caribbean folklore. In this video, a Haitian Voudou priestess describes the types of mermaids she knows best. 


In this video, Priestess Rose relates the story other own mother, who she claims was nearly taken by the mermaids three different times. In Haitian tradition, the mermaid (or La Sirène) is a minor goddess or Loa, who commands the portal to the world of the unseen. To be chosen to join her and her fellow spirits in the invisible world is a great honor bestowed upon a few, but it also exacts a terrible price, for entering the invisible world means to be separated from your family and friends for an indeterminate amount of time.

This is why some people who might be taken refuse the call. Rose explains that her mother won’t even go swimming in open water, for fear of being taken, or perhaps for fear the the temptation to answer the mermaid’s call will be too great.

La Sirène, like much of Haitian voudou, is closely related to Yoruba beliefs. In this tradition, the sea goddess Yemaya might also invite the strongest, most headstrong young women to be her “daughters” in the depths, and many stories warn about the dangers of swimming too deep in the waters, for fear that once the mermaids have seen your power, they will never let you go. 

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