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Four-Year-Old Tells Mom His Name Came From the Man Who Found Him "In Pieces"

Kids say the creepiest things...

Children have wild imaginations and very few filters, so that often, their stories can come across as both oddly accurate and extraordinarily unsettling. My own child swears she remembers a time before she was born, when she was in someplace “warm and dark” and when asked what sound she could hear she mimicked a muffled heartbeat. The one kept me up nights.

Other kids have elaborate stories about their past lives, including details about how they died and about their “other families” who once took care of them. Sometimes these stories can be surprisingly moving, or contain astonishing details that map with real people, places, or historical times.

This kid says that it wasn’t his parents who named him, but the man who “found him in pieces.”

In the comments of this video, many viewers chime in with their own stories of their children’s unique perspective and acute perception of the world.

“Kids are fresh from the other side,” one says. “Nothing has clouded their connection yet.”

Another shares this chilling tale of her younger brother as a toddler asking where “his other two sisters” were, as it turns out his mother had miscarried two girls before he was born.

Many more talk about their kids telling them quite firmly they remember other times they were family, and the different configurations that the members would take in their “soul groups” across many lives. “Remember when I was the mama and you were the baby?” insists one kid. “The last time we were mother and daughter, we wore big dresses,” claims another.

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