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Daughter Heals Dad’s Headache With ‘Magic’

She is so confident in herself and we love to see it!

Metaphysical or faith healing as a practice is as old as humanity, and exists in nearly every cultural and religious tradition. Though scientists have tried to study it on many occasions, its very nature seems to elude scientific study, and so it has been dismissed as pseudoscience or a spiritual rendition of the placebo effect. Nevertheless, there are many who swear that they were healed by some sort of unknown process, whether that is the work or special chants, rituals, prayers, or even CIA code words... or the work of a healer. There have even been stories of children with miraculous healing abilities.

It is unknown where the girl in this video gained her abilities, but she has little doubt as to their efficacy.


In this video, a girl offers to help heal her father’s headache with her hands. She seems to be gathering a certain amount of “energy” in her hands, then applying it to his head. She asks him to tell her when he can’t feel the pain anymore, and then wipes her hands of any lingering energy and goes to sit down, as her father stares in shock at the camera. Another person in the room asks if the girl can help her with her arthritis pain. Without missing a beat, the girl says, “Sure. Lie down.”

In the comments section, viewers are similarly amazed. They say she must have inborn healing powers, that should be allowed to develop and grow without interference. Some say that her work reminds them of Reiki, and others marvel at how natural her methods seemed to anyone who is familiar with these processes. 

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Me, I just want to know how she did it. 

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