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Young Adults Explore Abandoned Children’s Asylum and Claim to Capture Eerie Voice

Is it a cat or the spirit of a long forgotten child?

A small group of young adults went exploring in an abandoned children’s asylum near Palmerston, Ontario and believe they heard the ghostly crying of a baby still haunting the location. They enter the building from what appears to be a tunnel leading beneath the facility. They pass through what look like classrooms featuring green chalk boards covered in graffiti before making their way to the upper levels. When they get to a space that was likely a cafeteria they hear the eerie cry. They follow the sound but find only another completely empty room.  

Psychiatric hospitals and facilities have long been rumors of paranormal activity, especially older facilities that were known to subject residents to inhumane conditions. Traumatic treatment and torturous deaths are often associated with spirits lingering on the earthly plane due to unresolved issues and seeking their tragedies to be righted before being able to pass peacefully into whatever is next. 

Skeptics claim the sound heard was from a cat or other mundane and common creature that did what animals do and hid when it heard people approaching. Other background sounds such as cooing doves indicate there is a wildlife presence in the buildings despite a lack of other human presence.

Those wishing to prove skeptics wrong might wish to explore this abandoned children’s psychiatric hospital for themselves along with some ghost hunting gear recommended for beginners. Commonly included are items such as an electromagnetic field detector, motion detector, spirit box, and of course a good camera. 

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