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Kansas Man Records Unidentified Flying Object in Sky Above Wichita

"It's not the moon..."
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These days everyone has a cell phone in their pocket. What might be better is if these days, everyone had a bit of common sense. The internet is full of videos of people pointing their phone cameras up at clouds, planes, power lines, sun dogs, rocket vapor trails, the moon, the stars, the planets, and occasionally drone searchlights and crying UFO. We get it, we get it—the thing is unidentified. By you. That doesn’t make it an alien from another planet.

Let’s take this recent video from a man in Wichita, Kansas, which is causing quite a stir and even more speculation online. The video shows a large brownish sphere hovering in the air. “It’s not the moon,” the man explains, as if anyone thought it was. But what is it?

Naturally, the comments section is a slew of absolute nonsense. Many people claim it’s “Nibiru”, which is a hypothetical rogue planet that some believe circles near Earth every 3,600 years, and is due for a return, if one translation of an ancient Sumerian tablet is to be believed. (One wonders how the Sumerians knew about such a lengthy orbit, but whatever.) However, if any rogue planet (which may actually exist out there) were near enough to be that big in the sky, astronomers would have noticed it before now.

“Something is going down,” the man in the video intones, and some of his viewers agree, speculating wildly about portals, “Project Bluebeam” and any other number of government conspiracies.

More reasonable viewers of this video speculate that it’s a cable visibility ball, often placed on cables and towers to help pilots avoid collisions. Indeed, when he zooms in, despite the low lighting, you can see details of said cables.

But hey, the idea of a rogue planet sneaking past all out eyes on the sky but caught by some dude with his cell phone in Kansas is a nifty one. Don’t look up, folks.

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