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K9 Dog Refuses To Enter This Haunted House

If the puppy nopes out, take a hint!

I don’t know about you, but I’m the kind of person who trusts the instinct of man’s best friend. It’s like they can tell when the situation is suspect, whether that’s feeing the early rumbles of an earthquake, smelling the tiniest leak of gas, or protecting people from oncoming seizures. Unless it’s the vet’s office, I’m following my dog’s lead when it comes to avoiding places she doesn’t want to go.

And so who can blame this cop when, after his K9 buddy breaks loose from his leash and bolts away from his home, he, too, wants to go nowhere near it?


In the video, a police officer and his dog approach a dark, eerie house on a “suspicious activity” call. But they are barely up the walk when he dog starts and something and start running the other way. Given the excellent training most police dogs receive, it has to be something very odd, indeed.

“Listen to the dog, folks,” says one person in comments.” If the dog runs, you run,” another agrees. Some say that dogs are capable of seeing or sensing the presence of supernatural entities. They have an inherent sixth sense that give them insight into the paranormal otherworld.

And maybe there is something to that theory. Recent studies have shown that although dogs cannot experience the color spectrum the way we do, they have an ability to see ultraviolet light and detect magnetic fields. Perhaps there are other, even more supernatural energy fields they can sense.