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Julia Fox Shares Story About Asking Her Dead Best Friend to Reincarnate Into Her Unborn Child

This is a journey.
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Actress, artist, gossip column fixture, and generalized chaotic presence Julia Fox had a baby boy last year named Valentino. This fact has already been widely covered by various tabloid newspapers, due to her feud with the child’s father regarding his hard-partying ways. Nowadays, Fox chronicles life as a single mother amidst all the high profile events, crazy fashion shoots, and paparazzi on TikTok, where she also shares thoughts about politics, the patriarchy, and even her favorite recipe for banana bread.

But it wouldn’t be Julia Fox content if it also wasn’t a wee bit weird, and that’s certainly what’s embodied in this clip, in which Julia Fox shares a story about the creepy thing that happened to her when she first realized she was pregnant.

In the video, Fox explains that her childhood best friend died before she found out she was pregnant, but that when she calculated his due date, she realized it was on her friend’s birthday. Later, she had a dream that the soul of her friend came to visit. In the dream, she says, she asked her friend if she’d like to reincarnate as Fox’s baby.

Apparently, the friend’s ghost responded, “I would, but I don’t want to be a boy.”

Weirdly enough, Fox did not yet know she was having a boy…which she did!

Those who believe in reincarnation often speak of “soul groups,” the idea that groups of people meet again in life after life, although their roles are not always the same. A person who was a friend or a relative in one life might be a lover in another. In this way, the love between people can transcend lifetimes.

Unfortunately, it did not work out for Fox. Maybe next time!

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