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Priestess Believes JLo Used Santería to Become Famous

And there is a surprising amount of “evidence.”
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The actress and pop star Jennifer Lopez is beloved by millions, but with fame and celebrity these days also comes a variety of conspiracy theories and rumors. Among these is the story that the singer owes her fame to her practice of the religion known as Santería. Santería is a syncretic religion that arose from a combination of African diaspora practices, Roman Catholicism, and other forms of native religions and magic on the island of Cuba. Today, it is practiced widely in Cuba, as well as other Caribbean islands, Florida, New York, and other locations of Caribbean immigration. Many Santería practitioners also consider themselves Catholics and do not see a conflict between these two types of faith.

All of which is to say that if Jennifer Lopez, whose family comes from Puerto Rico and was raised in the Bronx, New York, has incorporated facets of Santería practice inter life, it is neither all that unusual for people of her background, nor all that disturbing. Bottom line: if it works, it works.

In this video, a self-described Pythian priestess claims she knows Lopez’s godmother in Miami, who is herself a Santería practitioner. She does defend Lopez’s alleged involvement with the faith, however.

The whole thing is pretty sketchy, if you ask me. Not that Lopez might practice Santería, though. No, the story’s source.

The articles and interviews she references are primarily sourced from Lopez’s ex-husband, who also—according to these articles—practiced Santería, and his new wife. The couple was embroiled in legal battles with Lopez over pictures and video Lopez allegedly took while still in a relationship with her ex.

Kind of a jerk move, if you ask me, to go gossip about a ex’s spiritual practice because you know the public might find it unusual, especially if it’s one you practice yourself.

Though the animal sacrifices performed by some adherents of Santería might strike a few people as shocking, it’s long been a part of many world religions. And as for the other instances rumored in these stories, such as burying a wedding gown to rid yourself of bad feelings over the end of your marriage—well, we’ve all been there, girl.

Leave JLo alone.

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