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Jersey Boy Tormented By Demons In His Home

It all started with a Ouija Board...
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A young man from New Jersey has been suffering a string of strange occurrences ever since using a Ouija Board in his house. The paranormal activity seems to be at its height when he is alone in the house.

(Be careful where you watch this video: this guy’s from Jersey, and he talks like it.)


According to his account, doors have been slamming all over his house when he is home alone. Additionally, he hears and sees the figures of his parents and thinks he hears them talking, but it isn’t really them.

For instance, he recently had an entire conversation with his father through the bathroom door of his dad’s bedroom, only to go into the garage and find his father was there the entire time. Another time, both his mother and his sister overheard their father saying something to the son that the dad insists he never said.

Why is this creature in their house, and why does it insist on mimicking the boy’s father?

It has reached the point where the young man is afraid of being in his house alone. He also reports uneasy dreams, feelings of dread, the sensation of being watched, as strange things happening whenever he looks in the mirror.

He’s called a psychic for advice, but it would probably be wise for his family to help him see a regular doctor, at least for his anxiety, make sure no one is playing a prank on him, and possibly test for mold as well, which can also cause some of the symptoms he is experiencing. Because something is definitely going on in this young man’s house, even if it’s not demons.