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The Streets of Jerome, Arizona Are Apparently Made of Human Remains

The town has a lot of strange history.

The tiny mountain town of Jerome, Arizona, was once a bustling copper mining town and claimed the moniker “The Wickedest Town in the West” due to its wild reputation, and plethora of saloons and brothels. Now, though, it’s a sleepy hamlet, pockmarked by the remains of the mining operations, the miles of underground tunnels, and a whole lot of ghosts, which some claim is due to a now-defunct practice of dealing with human remains.

For in the old days, the dead of this town were all cremated, and their ashes were mixed into concrete that was then used to pour the very streets and sidewalks of this mountain village.

In the video, you can take a tour of this tiny old town, which is now sliding slowly down the mountain, at a rate of about three-eighths an inch per month. The most famous of these moving buildings is the old jail, which has move over two hundred and fifty feet since first being built and has even crossed a road.

The town is home to only a few hundred people now, which is a far cry from its boom days as a mining town, which once boasted as many as twenty brothels on a single street. Now it mostly caters to artists and tourists who have come to take in a taste of the old west. Ghost hunting enthusiasts say the town is full of activity, particularly in the Grand Hotel, but locals urge you to remain respectful of the place. Though it is filled with eh dead, real people live and work there, too.

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