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Man Exploring Abandoned Penitentiary Scared by Shadowy Figure In a Cell

This one's serving more than a life sentence.

Abandoned jails are popular locations for paranormal investigations, and there are many episodes of ghost hunting shows or spooky videos online of folks poking around old prisons, penitentiaries, and even jailhouse-turned-hotels/restaurants/private homes. After all, prisons are places of great spiritual and emotional trauma, and often death. It stands to reason that they would also be locales with great supernatural disturbances. When folks visit these places, they generally find what they are searching for. Is it a self-fulfilling prophecy? Group hysteria? Who can say? The important part is they are having the thrilling time they’ve been looking for.

Take this guy.

In the video, he is wandering around the upstairs of an abandoned penitentiary, all by himself. Great choice, if you want to freak yourself out. I don’t even go in my basement without making sure there’s cheery music playing. Additionally, he announces that he climbed up to this forbidden level without the assistance of stairs, and with a “fractured rib” besides.

Naturally, the gentleman turns a corner and sees a freaky shadow figure. Naturally, he screams and runs away before we even have the chance to get a look at it.

Was it actually a ghost, or just a shadow of the man himself, turning the corner of the cell? Tough to tell in this video, which ends before we find out how he got down again or if he ever went back to investigate the mysterious shadow.

“This building is 100% haunted and there is a reason there’s not stairs up to that area anymore,” comments one viewer.

Others want to know what it really is. A squatter, perhaps, or maybe just a cardboard cut out put there to terrify ghost hunters in an abandoned prison.

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