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Irishman Shows Off Alleged Fairy Portal On Land

They are 100% serious about their fairies in Ireland.

Many years ago, I stayed in a haunted castle in Ireland. (I’ll save the ghost story for another time). Early on in the trip, our host—who had family roots on this land for more than a thousand years—showed us a map of the property to tell us about where to go and what to see. There were the usual gardens, the fields where they pastured the livestock, the old cemetery and the path down to the village pub… “And here’s where the fairies live,” she said, matter-of-factly. “Don’t go near there at night, and especially if you hear music.”

We figured she was joking. We were wrong. The people of Ireland are dead serious about fairy portals on their ancestral lands. The woman told us harrowing stories of what happened to neighbors of hers who had not paid heed to the fairies and shown them the proper deference.

We dutifully avoided the fairy ring, but I think about it to this day.

In this video, an Irishman explains that where the whitethorn tree (a hawthorn) and the blackthorn tree meet, that is where the fairy portal is. He said the whole field belongs to fairies, and they appear in this land on many occasions.

You may be inclined to scoff at this kind of thing, but fairies are a deep and abiding part of Irish tradition, and when an Irishman tells you there are fairies in his field, he may be talking about a history that goes back hundreds—if not thousands—of years.

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