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Weather Watchers Film Bizarre Massive Iridescent Beehive Moving Across the Sky in Colorado


It’s important to remember that “UFO” just means “unidentified flying object.” It doesn’t necessarily mean that the origin of the object is an alien one. After all, if you don’t know what it is you’re seeing, it could be a bird, a plane, or even a satellite. Since the popularity of cell phones, it’s been a lot easier to capture video of strange things we catch sight of in the sky. Only recently has the U.S. government admitted that they too have records of unidentified flying objects, and they, too, have no idea what we’re all seeing.

But what happens when it’s government cameras catching sight of the UFOs, and civilian observers who are wondering what the heck it is?

TikTok has been buzzing about a recent viral video of a strange, iridescent blob in the sky over southwest Colorado recorded by a government weather surveillance camera. Lots of curious weather-watchers have been posting this clip, which seems to show a giant, hexagonally diffracted bubble of glowing rainbow stuff, moving across the sky. In some shots, it even appears to be phasing, or changing shape, not unlike the moon over the course of the month.

But what is it?

Likely, it’s not a real object at all, but merely an artifact of the recording. What we’re probably noting is just some refracted light through an imperfection in the plexiglass housing over the camera, kind of like a lens flare. This would also explain the “phasing” that occurs as the sun moves across the sky.

Or at least…that’s what they want us to think.

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