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Iowa Man's UFO Sighting is Stumping Experts

This one is national news!

Usually, a UFO sighting is something folks post on social media and freak out about a bit, and then it all gets swept under the rug, to be discussed only amongst enthusiasts in certain corners of the internet ad dismissed by everyone else. If enough folks have witnessed given event, sometimes the media will take note long enough to call around to rocket launch sites or military bases and confirm that, indeed, there was a Space X launch that morning, or some kind of military operation off the coast. It’s far more rare for a single eyewitness sighting of an unidentified flying object to get attention in the mainstream media, but that’s what happened here. 


This video is a local news story out of Iowa, which details the experience of one Jacob Ferrell, who was driving down Hickman Road in Des Moines, when he saw something unusual out of his car window.

“It was an eyeball-looking UFO,” he said. “Just kind of hovering up there.” Ferrell went on to say he originally thought the craft was part of “Elon Musk’s equipment” (a reference to Starlink, which is a satellite internet constellation operated by Musk’s Space X company), but since it was only one vehicle, he doubts it.

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Because Ferrell is not a pilot, this sighting is not subject to the new reporting guidelines by the FAA UFO Task Force that Congress recently approved. Ferrell did report his experience to the National UFO Reporting Center, but as KCCI relates, radar over the DesMoines area that evening only has records for listed aircraft, and nothing that matches Ferrell’s description.  

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