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Man Tormented by Invisible ‘Knocker’ In His Home

Don't open the door!

You know the old neighborhood game “Ding Dong Ditch,” in which bands of jokester kids would run up to a house, ring the doorbell, then scram before the occupants could answer the door. In this video, a family is haunted by a creature who has taken this game to a far more terrifying level!


In this video, a couple are watching television when they hear a loud, insistent knocking coming from the side door. The man gets up to investigate. The knocking continues as he gets closer and closer, but when he arrives at the door and opens it, the knocking not only stops, but there is no one there.

Instantly, the knocking starts up again, this time at the front door. He goes there next and though you can hear the sound growing louder and louder as he approaches, it immediately ceases when he arrives. Once again, there is no one there.

The knocking starts up again, this time…somewhere in the house. As the man follows the source of the sound, he is unsure if it is coming from a closet or a nearby spare room. He opens the closet door, nothing.

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Finally, he heads into the room next door, where he discovers that something has been busy knocking over his photo equipment. The knocking has stopped…for now.

The creator of this video is a “paranormal investigator” and viewers are torn about the veracity of what they just saw. Such a video is easy to fake, after all. But why would anyone do something like that? Believer also wonder if he and his partner “brought something home” from one of their many excursions to look into the unknown. 

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