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Mom Who Lost Her First Baby and Was In a Coma for Funeral, and Sees Orbs In a “Special Place”

We are so heartbroken (but hopeful) over this mama.

This woman lost her son two years ago but finds comfort in a place near the water that reminds her of him. She takes comfort in the blue orb that seems to follow here when she is there.


The video shows a woman jogging with a leashed dog and being followed by a blue or sometimes green floating orb of light. She believes this is a sign that her son is still with her to this day, and hopes this phenomenon continues as it helps her keep the memory of him alive. She is now pregnant and awaiting another son to be born, but will never forget her other son who has passed from the mortal realm.

Metaphysical theories to explain orbs range from ghosts, angels, fairies, electromagnetic artifacts, or psychic manifestations. The colors of these orbs are thought to indicate more information about what they mean. Blue indicates tranquility, protection, and intuition. Green symbolizes healing and communication. Both are reassuring colors to a grieving mother.

While it’s easy to imagine this bouncing little fairy light as moving on it’s own, it’s far more likely to be a trick of the camera lens reflecting the light source. In photography this is known as “back-scattering” with is a diffused reflection of light waves. There several other mundane explanations for some orbs, ranging from insects to moisture droplets but it can still look fascinating when captured in the right circumstances.