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According to This Lakota Storyteller, Indigenous Americans Know How to Deal With Bad Spirits

Short and to the point.
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Spend any time looking at ghost videos or watching horror movies and you might think the problem of a haunted houses is intractable. According to the rules set forth in films like The Conjuring and its ilk, there are some houses that just have evil spirits in them, and the only option is to move, burn it, salt the Earth, etc. In fact, to this day the owners of “The Conjuring House” have made an entire industry out of exploiting the evil entity they claim resides within.

But what if there’s another option, and giving into the ghosts is just some colonizer nonsense? According to this Lakota storyteller, Indigenous people have a very different attitude when it comes to bad spirits invading their home.


In this video, Lakota storyteller Chante’ shares an amusing tidbit about his culture. When “normal” (i.e., white) folks see a ghost, they run screaming from the house. But when an indigenous person walks in a bad spirit in their home, they simply tell it to scram.

“I don’t have time for this,” he films himself saying to the amusingly low-tech “spirit” in a sheet. “Get out.”

Honestly, it makes a lot more sense.

Other indigenous and Latin people in he comments say that’s the attitude their families always took, too. “Don’t wake the kids and leave us alone.”

I like it. Just because your home invader is supernatural in nature doesn’t mean it has any right to your private space. So next time you feel an unwelcome, unearthly presence, try telling it to just get lost. It doesn’t belong there.