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This Inclusive New Tarot Deck Takes into Account Queer, Non-Binary, and Other Identities

A deck that reflects the many forms humanity takes.
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Today marks the release of The Fifth Spirit Tarot Deck, a new deck of tarot cards that aims to be an inclusive, queer-friendly and non-binary entry into the major and minor arcana for people who love tarot, but don’t love gender binaries. Designed and drawn by Charlie Claire Burgess, a queer and non-binary tarot reader, illustrator, and writer, the deck began as their own artistic exploration into their gender and took on a life of its own. Originally backed by a viral Kickstarter in 2020, today it has been revised and rereleased on a wide scale by the publisher Hay House.

“I created it to be the deck I wish I’d had earlier in my life, a deck that I could see myself and people like me reflected in,” says Burgess. Explore their vision here.

“In tarot as in life, a nonbinary femme can be King, a cisgender man can be Queen, and everyone in between can defy or expand or ecstatically embody any or no gender that they wish,” they write.

Flipping through the offerings, one finds modern renditions of the cards we know and love, including notable changes, such as “The Hanged One” instead of “The Hanged Man” and other attempt to see tarot beyond the gendered traditions.

The Queen of Wands appears in glorious drag, the Emperor card boasts both a beard and breasts, and figures throughout the deck are of various races, genders, presentations, and disabilities.

The deck is available from a variety of retailers (and at the time of publishing, can deliver from Amazon in time for Christmas).

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