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Hikers Discover Impossibly Long Tentacle

... we're going to need a bigger boat.

Some friends were out for a walk when they saw what seemed to be a large, dark tentacle creeping out of some standing water. The intrepid travelers went in for a closer look and give us a clear shot of what does, indeed, look like a mottled brown tentacle with black spots. The camera then pans out to show this “tentacle” appears to be hundreds of feet long and tangled in a twisted mess on top of a layer of sediment and just under the water.  

Some commenters suggest this could be a strange root, however the exposed bit of the creature that is out of the water is clearly not woody - it appears like it would be quite slimy if touched, which we do not recommend doing. If another commenter is correct in identifying the “tentacle” as a bootlace worm then it has highly toxic mucus membrane which it produces in larger amounts when handled. The mucus contains a strong neurotoxin with a faint but pungent smell of iron and sewage.

The bootlace worm seems like the closest fit based on pictures of large specimens, however it may be a record breaking specimen if that is the case. The longest reported, yet unconfirmed, was 180 feet. Typical examples can still grow quite long but are approximately five to ten millimeters, or less than half an inch, in width. This is contrary again to what we are seeing in the video evidence of this strange creature which seems to be quite a bit thicker than that especially in the lengths that are beneath the water. Additionally, the habitat for the bootlace worm is described as Norway and Britain’s coasts and the accents in the video sound American, although a location of this encounter is not given.

Mongolian legends tell tales of a giant worm with toxic venom that can kill a human, but these are said to swim the sands rather than water. 

We can’t say with certainty what this creature is so we have to rule it as “needs further study”.

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