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Illinois Man Spots Triangle UFO Over Fox Lake

They don't even care who sees them these days...

“Black Triangles” are a particular type of UFO encounter featuring silent, hovering black triangles, some hundreds of feet across, that sometimes only feature three lights, one at each of their points, to mark their presence. Even the Department of Defense has verified some footage of triangle-shaped UFOS. These craft have been spotted all over the world, but Illinois is a hotbed of “Black Triangle” based UFO activity. The St. Clair Triangle incident of 2000 in southwestern Illinois and the Tinley Park Lights of Chicago in 2004 are two examples of this phenomenon.

And then there’s this recent sighting in Fox Lake.


In the video, a man is astonished to see what appears to be a dark, triangular craft hovering in the night sky. Three red lights seem to punctuate its points.

Unfortunately, the video is not very long and is also a bit shaky due to tremors in the cameraman’s hands.

There has been noted rise, recently, in these so-called triangle UFO sightings. Skeptics think many of the incidents can be explained away by the modern prevalence of drones, flying in formation and giving the impression, at a distance, that they are points on a dark, triangular craft. In this video, you cannot see the outlines of the supposed craft, but there are other recent videos in which it is obviously far more than simple drones (like this one taken recently in Connecticut). What is most fascinating about the behavior of triangle UFOs in particular is how unafraid they are of being observed. Unlike other UFO incidents, there is zero attempt at cloaking or dashing away, and no one knows why.