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Cave Explorers Find Mysterious "Ancient" Creature Crawling on the Ice

What is that thing?

The Dachstein Giant Ice Cave in Austria is a popular tourist attraction. The caves are located thousands of feet above sea level, and are only accessible by taking a cable car high into the Alps. Once there, however, there are many staircases, rungs, ladders, ropes, and lights built into the walls to help guide visitors through the tours. But dress warm, as the average temperature inside the cave is below freezing.

You’d think that given the frigid air and icy conditions, such caves would not be particularly hospitable to wildlife, which is perhaps why these visitors were so shocked to video a strange creature crawling up the side of the cave wall. 


In the video, a group of tourists are stunned to see something strange and froglike crawling up the side of the cave wall. They zoom in on the creature, making it difficult to tell the scale, but cannot figure out what it is.

Viewers of this video are similarly perplexed. Despite its froggy appearance and movements, it seems unlikely that an amphibian would live in such cold conditions, or this far above sea level. So what is it?

Though there is no way to be certain, based on appearance and movement, the creature is most likely a bat, possibly a juvenile bat, whose wings are not yet fully developed. 

a baby bat pup crawls, froglike, across a piece of wood

A juvenile bat puppy crawls along a piece of wood. 

Bats do crawls in awkward, frog like ways, and though parts of the cave are indeed very cold, it is not unheard of for these warm-blooded mammals to live in the caves, especially during the summer months.