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Two Hunters are Convinced They Saw Bigfoot in Batesville, MS

Would you get your gun?

A man comes speed walking briskly out of a forest, making a beeline towards his hunting partner. He points behind him and the camera-wielding friend agrees he sees it too. Off in the distance there is a dark, shadowy figure looming behind a tree on two legs. They bicker over which one should get the gun, each wanting to keep the creature on video in sight. The man holding the camera says it doesn’t look like bear. It moves with distinctly human-like movements, pacing between the trees. They move a little bit closer and get a shot of a solidly dark humanoid creature that seems to be inspecting a large branch of a tree.  

They continue to get closer and the figure is clearly not a bear, with a head showing no signs of ears or snout. The camera zooms in on the hands which appear to be doing dextrous work on the tree branches, with careful and precise movements, although what is doing remains unclear.

These men managed to capture about four minutes of footage showing this potential bigfoot doing something with the trees, perhaps marking them for others to convey some sort of message. They debated such actions as calling 911 or shooting the creature, but ultimately seem to have been satisfied by capturing it on video.

Many commenters claim this must be fake because the sasquatch creature didn’t run away or attack, however very few bigfoot attacks have been documented. 

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