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This Family Has a House Ghost, But They've Learned To Co-Exist

They've named the spirit "Jake."
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“The story of Jake is a long one,” begins this video of a family in Cornwall, who have learned to live with their “house ghost” in a way that makes sense for everyone involved, living and dead. "Jake" the ghost has attached himself to the family matriarch, even following her from another house when she moved. He appears as the spirit of a small boy, and several family members report having seen him in the home.

“Whenever young children stay,” writes the person who posted this video, named Kaden. “They’d be adamant that their friend was real.”

Apparently, the specter would appear to nephews, nieces, even the brothers when they were young. “My brothers would talk to someone while in their rooms alone. And the latest, my newest little nephew came upstairs while I was babysitting and said 'where's my friend gone?’”

Fortunately, Jake appears to be primarily a good-tempered ghost, who likes to play with the children and only occasionally causes mischief, like any other child. “Toys would always be moved around at night, and we'd hear it moving around. One night a whole box of Legos was thrown across the floor.”

But whenever they did have trouble with the ghost, they’ve learned that, as in all cases, communication was the best method for soothing over conflict. “Whenever anything went missing in the house, the running joke was, ‘Jake’s got it.’” Weirdly enough, this magic trick always worked. “After someone said this, it would appear neatly on the coffee table the next morning.”

That’s the kind of house ghost you want.

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