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Hospice Nurse Shares Story of Spiritual Visit From Patient Crossing Over

This is beautiful.
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There are many who believe that those near death have a special connection to the unseen world. Talk to any hospice care worker or end-of-life counselor and they will have stories to share with you of the things their clients have said to have seen when the end was near. This hospice care worker says that she knew a patient’s time was near the last time she saw him—but she had no idea the experience she was about to have next.

In this video, a nurse shares a profoundly moving memory of the last message she ever received from one of her patients.

In the video, a hospice nurse shares that the final time she saw one of her patients—a man she became friends with as she helped him toward the end of his life—and she knew it was the end. A change in his consciousness, his breathing—the kinds of signs that an experienced nurse picks up on.

Later, she was in her car and decided to say a personal goodbye to the man. “Thank you for being a friend, I hope you have a peaceful transition,” she recalls saying. Then, she claims, she could hear his voice in her head, and that he was amazed and overwhelmed with the emotions of moving on from the life and the pain he had been experiencing.

In her vision, she said he kept repeating “if I only could have known…” and the sensation of overwhelming joy. She believes it was in reference to his earlier fear of dying, and that if he only had known how it would be, he would not have been so afraid.

A few seconds after it stopped, she got a text message from his nurse saying that he had died.

But she says she already knew. 

She shares this story today to help people realize that death is a part of life, and should not be approached with fear. 

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