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Horseback Riders Accidentally Sneak Up on Resting Sasquatches

Could horses be the secret to proving bigfoot?

The Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization has an interesting theory on how humans can avoid detection by sasquatches when seeking proof of their existence. An older video from the Siksika Nation has resurfaced that shows two or possibly three bigfoot creatures watching a group of horseback riders as they ride through Axe Flats in Alberta, Canada. They believe horseback riding is the key to getting close to these elusive cryptids, as many sightings have been from riders - including the famous Bluff Creek bigfoot filmed by Roger Patterson.  

They explain that horses help mask human scents and sounds because sasquatches do not avoid them in the same way they do humans. This is especially true in areas that have wild horse populations in bigfoot territories because the creatures would not perceive horses as a threat. The video posits this is why the riders were able to get so close to the tree line where the bigfoots were hanging out before they were spotted.

The video is slowed down and zoomed to show the first mysterious creature seen at the very edge of the trees, right where the grass begins. It seems to rise halfway from a resting position, revealing its head and torso to peer at the interlopers before seeming to melt back down into the grass.

The second creature is further back into the trees and seems to step out from behind one to view the scene before heading further back into the trees. At this point the paint horse closest to the creature speeds ahead and the rider has difficulty getting it to stop. They believe this may be because the horse sensed the bigfoot and became startled. 

This part of Alberta and the surrounding areas have a long history of sightings ranging from Calgary, Banff National Park, up through Jasper National Park, and down into the pacific northwest of the United States. Many tribes from the area have long oral traditions that speak of a race of large and hairy peoples that shy away from humans, with some cave art even seeming to depict these sasquatch creatures. 

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