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Horse Saves Rider from Strange Creature in the Woods

That horse knows what's up.

When in the wilderness, it pays to be watchful of one’s surroundings. Do not go alone, even if that means your companion is an animal. In fact, an animal might be a better choice, as they are naturally more attuned to the world around them, and their non-human senses might pick up on things that mere humans cannot.

Take this horse, who suddenly balked at continuing along a wooded path for reasons that would soon prove terrifying. 


In the video, taken from horseback, the rider’s horse is seeing paused and whinnying, its focus intent on something hiding among the trees up ahead. When the video is slowed and enlarged, a gray, humanoid head with dark black eyes is seen peeking out from around the side of one tree.

What is it?

Viewers are filled with theories ranging from Bigfoot to fairies to aliens to an urban legend about an Appalachian forest creature called a rake.

There are also plenty who think it’s faked.

“That’s just a recording of a horse whinny,” argues one, before horse enthusiasts pile on to say that yes, it’s shocking that many horses do indeed make the same sound.

The provenance of the video is under question, and of course, such an out-of-focus, context-free clip could be easily faked. TikTok is great for that kind of thing.

And what of the possibilities? The gray, hairless creature is obviously too smooth for the legendary Bigfoot, “rakes” are an internet invention circa 2005, and I’ve never seen a fairy look like that.

Which leaves…. Aliens. Must be aliens. Either way, thanks to the horse, that rider and his ancient camera phone is safe.