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Horse Spooked by What Rider Claims Was an Alien

The horse was not having it.

A rider on horseback struggles to hang on as the horse whinnies and bucks in refusal to continue forward. The camera zooms in on where the horse is staring in fear and after a terrible zoom wobble a strange, grey inhuman face appears to peek out from behind a tree. It’s fast and blurry, but distinctly matches the descriptions of the grey aliens so many have reported seeing over the years.  

Whether or not this particular footage is real, about half of all reported extraterrestrial sightings are of the “grey alien” type. These “greys” are described as bipedal and humanoid in shape with a small thin torso and large pear-shaped head with oversized black eyes, and a narrow chin tapering to a “V”. Their arms and legs are said to be thin and spindly, with some reports saying their fingertips end in suction cups.

A lot of compelling footage of supposed alien encounters has been surfacing recently, as well as an increased number of UFO sightings and other unexplained aerial phenomenon. Many believe this is linked to the government's increased willingness to declassify reports and footage they’ve been secretly gathering for many years, concluding that it’s not going to be possible to be kept secret for much longer so the government has to start releasing it now before the sightings become irrefutable. 

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